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The Tug Boat:
A 45' Single screw (318 hp) Tug, "Capt. Shorty."
Click here to see "Capt. Shorty" on a trip from Fairhaven to Edgartown, MA.


The Barges:
Two barges, Bob Cat and Stray Cat built in 1998 and 2000, measure 43' x 18' x 4', drawing less than 2' of draft, except for the motor. Each one has a flat deck and is fitted with a HIAB knuckle boom type crane rated at 6,600 lbs. The barges are motorized, eliminating the need for an assist boat. The sides are fully fendered and the barges have an air draft of 9' 6" when lightly loaded.

Each barge has a moon well for test drilling and two 8" spud wells to provide a stable platform. The barges are capable of holding 75,000 pounds.

Manlifts with a reach of up to 40-45 feet have been used successfully on the barges for various jobs.

The 45' single screw tugboat Capt. Shorty towing the 43' x 18' motorized crane barge Bob Cat with 45' manlift to Westport for bridge repair work.

New BargeThe Bigger Barges:
Top Cat: Built in 2005 by Fitzgerald Marine Fabricators in Fairhaven, MA., The 50' x 22' x 4 ' barge Top Cat with a draft of approximately 2 feet. The barge is powered by two Honda outboards and equipped with an 8 ton Manitex crane with a 38 foot reach. The crane is capable of moving along a 40 foot track on the center of the barge. The track is covered when not in use to allow a low profile and clean work area. There are 3 spud wells and storage below.

Black Cat: The 60' x 29' barge Black Cat was built in 2009 and is fully fendered with two spud wells and storage in one compartment. It is fitted with an 8 ton side mounted removable JGL crane with a reach of up to 55 feet. It is pictured here with a dust collector unit for work under the route 128 bridge in Gloucester.

The 60' x 29' barge Black Cat was used to move this house from Fairhaven to Mattapoisett towed by the Capt Shorty.

New Barge

The tug Capt Shorty moving a work barge to New Bedford.



Barge Picture



New Barge


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