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Jeff Linberg - President
Linberg Marine, Inc.

Heavy Marine Construction & Salvage
September 21, 2004

To Whom It May Concern:

This correspondence is to recognize and acknowledge New England Harbor Services and their outstanding and versatile capabilities.

Linberg Marine, Inc. has utilized the equipment and expertise of New England Harbor Services on various marine construction projects between Lynn Harbor, Narragansett Bay and other points between and on every occasion, Mr. David Erickson put together the proper equipment to help us successfully complete our projects and most importantly, complete them on time and on budget.

The services in question have ranged from light towing and barge handling services to barge services for the support of a steel sheet driving project, and on that project, up the shallow Parker River in Yarmouth, MA, we utilized one of their barges for deckloading 15 - 20 ton of steel sheets on multiple occasions in the installation of a 1,000 foot long bulkhead. This project was during the coldest of winter months during 2002-2003 with an abundance of ice and if not for their strongly constructed steel barge with steel spuds and the expertise of the New England Harbor Services crew things would not have gone as smoothly as they did. It was the perfect combination; experienced crew, self-propelled steel barge with spuds and shallow draft.

Currently, we are working with New England Harbor Services on a bridge project over the East branch of the Westport River in Westport, MA. On this particular project Linberg Marine, Inc. contracted to remove and replace the entire fender system, however, the swing span is inoperable during this construction and the extensive timber fendering beneath the swing span is not accessible by our pile driving barge and crane. Again, the expertise and equipment of New England Harbor Services are being utilized to complete the timber fendering project. The combination of low freeboard, great load carrying ability and the fact that the barge is self propelled will guarantee safe and controlled maneuvers beneath the swing span and the permanently mounted, hydraulic knuckle-boom crane will be indispensable for handling and hoisting the heavy timbers with the limited head room, especially during high tide periods.

John Hudgins - Bridge and Highway Repair
Nel Corporation

I am very pleased with New England Harbor Services. The operators take care in working safely and efficiently; they are cooperative with our crews and are good at anticipating problems. New England Harbor Services has also been very dependable which is crucial in our business.

The barges are well equipped and prepped, it's obvious a thorough maintenance schedule is adhered to.

You can't expect every job to go smoothly, but so far our experience with New England Harbor Services has been beyond our expectations.




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